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"Which Browser?"

02/20/10 00:09:06
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Which Browser?
This site has been optimised to work with the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome.
Although overall it will work with Internet Explorer certain features don't work properly and it doesn't look as pretty :)
So, if you're using IE take our advise and get yourself a decent web browser!

05/19/12 14:39:23
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Re: Which Browser?

Womble Dung and the
07/15/16 18:04:29
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Re: Which Browser?
the only time ANYBODY i know uses internet explorer is to download firefox, chrome, or opera! then we delete internet explorer icons, and unpin it from task bar!
goodbye IE!

08/11/16 13:19:00
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Re: Which Browser?
I use Google Chrome only always. This is the most advanced browser till date and has really proved itself in the same. You can read more about it at intHow and can do any bookmark as soon as you can.

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