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12/02/15 19:14:15
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Started making me own tracks heres link https://soundcloud.com/nigelkeane
Tell me what u think not all of them are up.

01/10/16 13:34:54
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Nice tracks especially Microdot & Life Phases. I can tell your improving a lot cos the later tracks are more sophisticated and have more "polish". I only have this https://soundcloud.com/2crowns
Not much cos I´m a lazy c*nt :)

Womble Dung and the
07/15/16 00:42:12
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and nice one guys.
always GREAT to hear what other folk in the community are doing.
never know when it might come in handy.
we all can do things each other cant, and vice versa.
here is my latest attempt: https://soundcloud.com/womble_dung_and_the_unknown_controllers/bump-a-doodle-doo

it's done using caustic 3 on win 10, and nothing else.

i do have a heap of roland aira gear, but still getting my sea-legs with it.
and need to get a heck of a lot more used to it to do what i'm really trying to achieve, which is pretty much punky acid-techno with psytrance elements (without being too poncey and posh as most psytrance is).
i like keeping it rough, ready, and rustic... accessible really. so folk can join in, i hope.

by end of summer i will hopefully post some much more confident stuff from my aira gear.

for now most of the tracks i have posted are not even bothering to be "finished". they are simply just "sketchbook notes" helping me find my way to doing what i hear in my head.

actually, i'd prefer to develop more "finished" sounding versions from doing low key informal parties.
to me that seems more something-ish

Womble Dung and the
07/15/16 00:53:07
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just had a further listen to your stuff acidtec!
the strange thing was, the farther back in time your stuff goes, the clearer the quality!
the newer stuff seems lost behind the reverb and efx.
but the stuff thats clearer, though many section seem too drawn out, are really well worth developing.
very "city/industrial" , but thats fine man.

i could easily colaborate and learn from you and vice versa.
do check out my link above (it's just the one tracks page, so click my soundy profile for the list of tracks.
what you using to do your stuff with?
oh i clicked "follow" on your profile so we could keep up with each others stuff.

you off to retroflex this saturday?

Womble Dung and the
07/15/16 00:59:23
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and 2crown?
your stuff is great fun.
has a very "8bit" lo tech edge, simple but very funny way of writing the tunes or arranging them, and fairly clear sound engineering such as there is. very well done.
the rythm of at least the first two tracks (still listening to track two) remind me of Throbbing Gristle "what a day"... ha ha ha... love it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsySFf-J6o (throbbing gristle, just incase you never heard them before. great free form acid tech before the 303 stuff ever kicked in

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08/02/16 21:22:27
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sorry guys forgot i put up the post i will read now and learn iv got new stuff up have a listen. well i started out with elektron drummachine and roland tb3 and nova bass staion sold all and now have elektron octatrack elektron rytm roland tb 303 MXR Distortion,boss overdrive, boss SYB-5. iv ordered avalon bassline and arturia matrixbrute.

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