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02/20/10 00:07:13
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We've had a few questions about creating playlists so here's a quick step by step instruction:

- select 'Stations' from your control panel - choose 'create station'
- select 'mp3' for station file type & 'lofi song files' for station mode - hit 'create station'
- give your station (playlist) a name and a description
- click 'included songs'and hit the 'add' button next to the tunes you want to add to your playlist then scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and click 'save'
- if you want to add an image then click 'choose file' to upload an image from your computer
- click 'create station'
- now you will need to re-build you profile and the playlist & player will be added to your 909London page

click the 'embed code' button on the player to get the code to embed the player with your playlist on other sites - the player needs to be playing for this to work for some reason!

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