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Jimi da Jam
03/14/15 21:58:18
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If you come across bangin tune or a mix put it here, simple.

Here's my mix, enjoy

09/04/15 22:00:49
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Re: Mixes/production

01/03/16 08:30:09
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Re: Mixes/production
HI there ! here is one of my last unreleased track, enjoy ;)

Womble Dung and the
06/11/16 19:05:47
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Re: Mixes/production
some raw unedited unproduced acid jams by myself.
i'm really just getting used to using this new gear.
using roland aira tb3, tr8, mx1, 1m, scooper, bitrazer, torcida, and demora.
and running a line straight onto audacity since my current laptop isnt quite up to running cubse and ableton very well.

a little kick drum clipping, but certainly is enough to show the direction i am trying to head in, which ideally will become punky acid techno with psy elements as i get more used to the gear.

very rough around the edges, and not really attempting to make them "finished" as i would rather let them evolve naturally at parties.
and at the end of the day, i aint no engineer.

i'd love to get as much public experience as possible, so i'll be happy to turn up and plug in at any parties i am lucky enough to get invited to.

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