Who Are We?
by admin, 10/22/09 23:23:43

909London is a collaboration between 2 legends of the London Underground Techno scene:


Kinetec started out in Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush in 1995 and from the start was heavily involved with the Underground party scene. Many of the early Acid Techno anthems were written in the Kinetec studio - with D.D.R. at the controls, and the Kinetec Sound System was out every weekend, rippin' it up at free parties all over the country. The shop quickly became a DJ mecca - with its relaxed attitude and excellent selection of tunes carefully chosen by Mark Kinetec & a barely legal James Kinetec.

By 1998 Kinetec had outgrown the intimate surroundings of the shop in West London and began the trek eastwards to Little Portland Street in Oxford Circus, where it would remain for the next 10 years, picking up Jethro ThermoBee along the way. With 12 listening posts and enough wall space to expand into other genres like Hard Trance & House, DnB & Gabba/Hardcore, as well as Techno, the shop boomed alongside the massive London club scene and the explosion in new DJs. In the Kinetec studio Ant & D.D.R. were pumping out the classics that a few weeks later would be flying off the shelf in shop.

10 years later, and with the Independent record shop all but extinct in Central London, James & Jethro packed up all the vinyl & Kinetec continued the trek eastwards to its spiritual home - Hackney - picking up Clair-Voyant along the way, and now shares a building with (those other dinosaurs of the Underground) Stay Up Forever & Routemaster. The shop is, these days, geared more towards on-line sales, with Kinetec.com having a global customer base stretching from London to Australia, but we still like to encourage customers to come and visit us in Hackney for a chilled out record shopping experience.

Here's some of the slackers that joined us on our journey - some jumped and some were pushed :) In no particular order:

Mara Bruiser, Jo Shiva, Dave Randall, A.D., Alex Hexxen, Rakkit, Sterling Moss, Ginj, Lady Bianca & Matt Clarke

The Kinetec DJ's regularly play internationally - recently in Poland, Colombia, Brasil, Spain, Venezuala & most exciting of all - the 414 on Coldharbour Lane - so keep an eye on the 909London calender to see if we might be near you soon.


Stay Up Forever

Stay Up Forever Out of the Rave explosion at the end of the Eighties came a massive underground dance movement that combined the anarchy of the free festivals with the music and style of the orbital Rave parties. Three DJs from the Hackney area of London called Chris, Aaron and Julian Liberator took the spirit of this movement to their own all night rave parties. They would fill squatted venues with punks and ravers who lost their minds to the tough and totally tripped out techno sounds that were being spun by these three brothers in arms.

By 1991 the Liberators teamed up with the extremely influential sound system Bedlam busting into warehouses to make some of the most chaotic free parties London had ever seen. This was to have a profound and long lasting effect on the Liberators in both their attitude towards the dance music scene and their commitment to the London squat party scene playing for sound systems such as Immersion, Underground Sound and Manic and you can still find a Liberator or two or three playing at a squat party in a warehouse on the fringes of London today.

The music also was starting to influence their direction and by 1993 the boys started the Stay Up Forever record label a chance for them to express what they wanted to hear in those early free parties. With the help of local producers Paul Harding and D.D.R. Stay Up forever began to take shape. Originally the label was going to be a techno label with some influence of the Roland 303 machine sound that had created Acid House. What was unforeseen was that the label soon developed its own sound, a unique style that had the heart of British rave/ hardcore due to big breakdowns and the spirit of Detroit techno finished off with intense 303 lines………Acid Techno was born!

The label soon created a following thanks to some very anthemic releases and support from John Peel, Carl Cox and Justin Robinson. Some of the early hits were A&E Dept’s “Rabbits Name was”, D.O.M.’s “Acid War” and Secret Hero’s “Control” which helped to gain the label international attention. The artists who made the records soon started to feel the benefit of the hype around the label, travelling the world DJing and playing live. These are Geezer, Ant, Aaron and Julian Liberator, Gizelle, D.D.R. and the labels very own superstars Chris Liberator and D.A.V.E. The Drummer.

Throughout the Nineties and into the new millennium Stay Up Forever expanded to incorporate various new record labels such as the techno styled Cluster and D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s Hydraulix, the Geezer’s bass heavy R.A.W., Ant’s Powertools and schranz maestro Alex Calver’s Glitch. The label itself continued to have hits most notably 2004’s Dynamo City “One Night In Hackney” which has been the biggest seller and most influential Acid Techno track of all time.

Stay Up Forever is still bringing you big party anthems and fierce 303 salvos, new artist such as A.P. and Sterling Moss help to keep it not just fresh but always ahead of the pack.