'New Wave Acid' by Chris Liberator
by suf, 10/16/09 12:02:32

Chris Liberator   ‘New Wave Acid’.    Words: Acid Steve (Full Version in Core Magazine Issue 7)

Techno, acid techno, London techno - call it what you want – has been the sound of the Stay Up Forever (SUF) collective since the early 90’s. At the head of this collective is Chris Liberator - DJ, producer and pioneer of a movement that mutated out of the early rave scene. But now, almost 20 years after its creation, a new wave of the 303 is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

‘So far it been a great year for acid techno’, Chris begins. ‘Mainly I think it's down to two things. The first is that all the distributors have disappeared now, so we’re now able to sell vinyl directly to people via our website (www.stayupforever.com) or through specialist sites like Kinetec,  and smaller wholesalers like Andemik.’

‘Secondly’, he continues, ‘I’ve found a renewed passion for playing and making the music. In September we start an exclusive digital site along with the Kinetec record shop called 909London releasing all new SUF stuff. Also albums from DDR, Ant and exclusive DJ mixes are coming so it's quite exciting as it means we can release loads of music that perhaps wouldn't have seen the light of day before. Of course, the vinyl will continue. We’re completely dedicated to making and playing it. I still believe vinyl to be the best format to play on, and it will still count as our major format for release!’

Chris is also in a punk band called Dogshite (www.myspace.com/dogshite), which recently played at the Boomtown Fair. It’s an almost cyclical return to his early punk roots. As a young, anarchic teenager, Punk was a major influence in his life. From the new-age traveller era to Castle Morton, Chris was involved with it all.

‘It was a special time and protests like the Stop the City demos in the eighties, won't ever have quite the same impact again, partly because of what’s happening socially and politically right now. The police have learned to stop and contain these types of demonstrations. There’s anger in society, but people are more pacified now, more occupied with Facebook and Myspace. Is this really social networking or social control?

’ With words like this it’s no wonder that acid techno, anarchy and squat parties are so inextricably linked. How many other DJ’s with such a respected profile would turn up on Sunday afternoon to get his message across at a squat party? Chris is the perfect ambassador for the movement. He concludes: ‘The scene is getting back on its feet and the new wave has arrived. This is an exciting time for us. Respect to Everyonesound and Malfaiteurs for keeping it going. Acid techno is rising yet again!’

Check out the full version of this interview in Core Magazine Issue 7, available as a hard copy or downloadable from www.core-mag.net