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Sound System Banger  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Sound System Banger
Acid Ted & Cyber Steve
Sound System Banger - Pirate Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Sound System Banger -...
Acid Ted & Cyber Steve
Sound System Banger Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Sound System Banger Remix
Sound System Banger - Soundsystem Sausage Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Sound System Banger -...
D.D.R. & The Geezer
Infected Reject Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Infected Reject Remix
Infected Reject Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Infected Reject Remix
Benji303 & Witchdoktor
Infected Reject Remix  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Infected Reject Remix
Acid Chochi
Infected Reject  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Infected Reject
Acid Ted
Freedom Fighter feat. King D & General GR  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Freedom Fighter feat....
Lost Highway  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Lost Highway
Pressure Drop  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Pressure Drop
Vibrations  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Feel Me  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Feel Me
Chaos  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Drop The Bass  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Drop The Bass
DJ Mente
La Champeta Acid  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
La Champeta Acid
Jacked up  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Jacked up
Fuckin' Jimmy!  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Fuckin' Jimmy!
Krismix & Koss
Chicken Drummer  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Chicken Drummer
Krismix & Koss
Infanterie  (mp3, 2.06 MB, 03:00)
Krismix & Koss


This is the one you’ve been waiting for…

The 1990’s was a golden era for Acid and Techno, with some of the biggest tracks of the decade slamming their way through warehouses, clubs and festivals across the world, rippling like a fresh wave of cultural energy through our collective subconscious, imprinting upon us the feeling of collective empowerment that has lead us forward to this very day.

In the first event of it’s kind we will recreate these intoxicating moments and annihilating rhythms, and take you back to a place where musical rebellion was the key to our existence. Some of the best loved and most well known tracks in Acid and Techno history provided a scorching soundtrack to the 90’s. Now join us and witness them in the present, utilising cutting edge technology to provide brain rattling sound and retina sizzling visuals in an electrifying London warehouse, alongside one of the most exciting line-ups to date with legends from the era representing on full frequency undiluted vinyl all night.




Killzone303  (, 2.06 MB, )
Lethal One
All The Way Official  (, 2.06 MB, )
All The Way Official
Hostage Situation  (, 2.06 MB, )
Hostage Situation
Gash Generator
Acid Enemies  (, 2.06 MB, )
Acid Enemies
Operation Mockingbird  (, 2.06 MB, )
Operation Mockingbird
Steve Mills
All Ya Gotta Do  (, 2.06 MB, )
All Ya Gotta Do
Tik Tok & Brentus Maximus
She Really Has It  (, 2.06 MB, )
She Really Has It
D.A.V.E. the Drummer &...
Equator  (, 2.06 MB, )
Sterling Moss & Syber Symon
Valhalla Rising  (, 2.06 MB, )
Valhalla Rising
Jack Wax & Mellinfunk
No Mans Land  (, 2.06 MB, )
No Mans Land
Chris Liberator &...
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909London is a collaboration between 2 legends of the London Underground Techno scene: Kinetec Kinetec started out in Goldhawk Road,...
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'New Wave Acid' by Chris Liberator
by suf
Chris Liberator   ‘New Wave Acid’.    Words: Acid Steve (Full Version in Core Magazine Issue 7)Techno, acid...
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